Monday, October 31, 2016

Ciena Unveils WaveLogic Ai Programmable Modem

Ciena unveiled its WaveLogic Ai, a programmable coherent modem that is positioned as a foundational technology for future "self-driving" networks.

Ciena said its WaveLogic Ai coherent modem can drive 400G single carrier transmission in metro and DCI applications, while establishing 200G and 300G as the new reference line rates for backbone transmission in regional and long-haul networks. In submarine networks, it provides maximum capacity with ultimate reach at distances up to 14,000 kilometers.

The WaveLogic Ai modem is designed to gather critical networking data, including embedded real-time link measurements, to make intelligent capacity decisions in real time. For instance, WaveLogic Ai helps determine the optimal capacity for any path across the network and can tune to different capacity levels from 100G to 400G in 50G increments. Ciena said its technology will make available massive amounts of optical networking performance data through open interfaces that can be mined to build on-demand, programmable networks. WaveLogic Ai also provides extensive tunability via open software interfaces. Commercial launch is expected in Q2 2017.