Monday, September 12, 2016

Ranovus Debuts Multi-wavelength Quantum Dot Laser Transceiver

Ranovus, a start-up based in Ottawa, introduced a highly-scalable, Optical Engine and 200Gbps CFP2 optical transceiver solution for the Data Center Interconnect applications and based on its multi-wavelength Quantum Dot Laser (QDL) technology.

Highlights of Ranovus’ platform solution:

  • A single Quantum Dot Laser capable of generating multiple wavelengths simultaneously
  • Ring Resonators based SiP Modulators providing an efficient wavelength sensitive way to modulate a WDM optical signal without multiplexing or de-multiplexing architectures
  • Advanced Electronics to enable PAM4 modulation format for Ethernet interfaces at 50Gb/s per lane and beyond
  • Supporting links of 4.8 Tbps in the C-band
  • Supporting various DCI transport distances from 15 to 120km

“In the mid 1990s the optical communication industry was revolutionized through the invention of multi-wavelength amplifiers.  Today we are announcing the availability of the World’s First multi-wavelength subsystem based on a single Quantum Dot Laser source.  Complementing such innovation with our highly integrated Silicon Photonics and high speed IC building blocks, will enable the creation of a new miniaturization, cost and power consumption paradigm for Inter/Intra Data Centre connectivity, 5G wireless backhaul, Metro and Access networks” said Hamid Arabzadeh, Chairman of the board, President and CEO of Ranovus. “I’m pleased to announce the availability of our 200Gbps DCI solution using our platform technologies to enable massive data center network connectivity”.