Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nokia Offers Predictive Optimization for IP Video

Nokia is launching a predictive optimization service that will allow operators to see the impact of changing network conditions on mobile video and gaming applications

The new service simulates the impact of changing network conditions on video delivery and the mobile viewing experience. Nokia said this helps mobile operators prioritize investments to address expected network bottlenecks and demand in high-traffic hotspots such as large congregations of users at events, where Mobile Edge Computing can be used to enhance the subscriber experience.

Nokia is also introducing a suite of IP video capabilities that will allow fixed, mobile, cable and converged TV operators to rapidly and smoothly bridge to new generation platforms and video services, such as time-shift TV, live-pause, restart TV and more over any connected devices. These packages will also support a faster experience for subscribers accessing electronic program guides, video on demand catalogs and other video application menus as well as the video itself.

"Nokia can provide operators with the most complete approach to simplifying their complex video delivery needs and enhancing the subscriber viewing experience. We are the first to apply predictive analytics to network planning and optimization for high bandwidth applications, allowing operators to uncover real insight into their network and benefit from cost and operational efficiencies now and in the future. Our IP Video solutions have already been proved in customer deployments across the globe, while the virtual reality demonstration will show how we are innovating to deliver the future human possibilities of the connected world," stated Paul Larbey, head of the IP Video business at Nokia.

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