Thursday, August 25, 2016

ZTE Outlines Vision for Next 5 Years

ZTE outlined a vision of societal and technological change to guide the company for the next five years.

ZTE’s M-ICT 2.0 strategy is based on 5 key trends:

Virtuality — integration of the physical world and the virtual world with enhanced experience through Big Video, VR and AR
Openness — transition from the traditional competition-based business model to close collaboration on an open basis
Intelligence — intellectualization of all things, enhanced interaction and growing intelligence on multiple levels
Cloudification — cloud platforms to the basis for enabling the digital economy
Internet of Everything — including collaborative operations

In a whitepaper, ZTE says the future is to be built on an open and sharing digital economy, with service cloudification,  interconnection of everything, ubiquitous intelligence, and the integration of virtual and physical realities. The company expects openness and the sharing economy to reconstruct R&D models, industry chains, and the value network.

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