Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Netronome's 25GbE Adapters Accelerate OpenStack Firewalls and Open vSwitch

Netronome unveiled its the Agilio CX dual-port 25GbE intelligent server adapter (ISA) and Agilio OVS Firewall software integrated with the Mirantis OpenStack solution for seamless cloud-based provisioning.

Netronome said its Agilio 25GbE platform delivers up to 4X higher performance and scale when implementing OpenStack and Linux Firewall-based stateful and zero trust security compared with other 25GbE server adapter solutions in the market.  Agilio also promises up to 5X higher performance for OpenStack and Open vSwitch (OVS)-based acceleration. The Agilio 25GbE platform is capable of delivering up to 25Gb/s of throughput for OVS and Linux Firewall-based OpenStack deployments while consuming only one CPU core. With 2GB of on-board adapter memory, the Agilio platform can support up to two million flows for security policy rules, delivering micro-segmentation-based zero trust security.

“More than 60 percent of OpenStack-based cloud deployments today are based on OVS and Linux Firewall, which are well known to consume too many CPU cycles at 10/25GbE and higher networking speeds, starving VMs and applications,” said Sujal Das, senior vice president and general manager of marketing and strategy at Netronome. “Netronome is the first in the industry to offer a holistic 25GbE platform that not only delivers economies in the area of speeds and feeds but also improves overall server efficiency when running modern and secure data center applications.”

“Zero-trust security implemented using OpenStack security groups fills many holes in traditional perimeter-based firewalling exacerbated by increasing east-west traffic,” said Kamesh Pemmaraju, vice president of product marketing at Mirantis. “The integration of the Agilio CX 25GbE and Linux Firewall platform with Mirantis OpenStack solves this multi-dimensional challenge by improving performance, scale and economies for both east-west traffic and servers implementing zero-trust security.”


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