Monday, August 8, 2016

Kalray Unveils C/C++ Programmable Acceleration Card

Kalray, which is based near Paris, France, introduced its Krypto128 programmable acceleration card based on 2nd generation, "Bostan" MPPA high-speed I/O processor. The

The Bostan processor combines high computing performance with real-time processing and low power consumption, while using a C/C++ programming model.

Kalray will target two main markets with its Krypto128 card: storage computation pipelines, which include algorithms such as compression, encryption, erasure coding and integrity checks, and the IPsec and OpenSSL transparent market.

Kalray said it has customer use cases in which a Krypto128 card can offload and replace up to 8 Intel Xeon E5 2630v3 @2.4Ghz when implementing a Lz4 compression, an AES128 encryption, an erasure coding (8 to 10) and a CRC 32 bits on 4K block of data.

“Kalray is fully committed to offering solutions to our customers that help them to quickly introduce SSD technology, with all its latency benefits, into their data center,” said Eric Baissus, CEO of Kalray. “And, more importantly, this gives them the possibility to scale up acceleration into VPN routers or secure gateways."

At this week's Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California, Kalray will demonstrate a complete NVMeOF (Non-Volatile Memory express over Fabrics) chain from compute node to remote NVMe SSDs with SK Hynix. The remote storage system will be built around 13 SKHMS M.2 PCIe Carriers integrating 4 SKHMS PE3110 SSDs each and 6 Kalray smartNIC KONIC-80 equipped with Kalray’s MPPA2 -256 “Bostan” High Speed I/O Processor.

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