Tuesday, August 2, 2016

AT&T Offers Ethernet Prequalification Tool, Implements Cloud-based vProbe

AT&T has introduced new tool to qualify Ethernet-based services for its wholesale customers. The tool, which leverages two AT&T Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), allows wholesale customers to automatically check the availability and speed of select Ethernet-based services by address.

“We’re bringing much needed innovation and agility to wholesale customers,” said Brendan Floyd, vice president of Wholesale Solutions for AT&T. “We’re making it as easy as possible for service providers to help their customers move from legacy services to transformative technologies like 100-Gigabit Ethernet and AT&T Switched Ethernet Broadband Port.”

“We closely followed the MEF’s new framework to deliver an API flow – one that lets our wholesale customers validate AT&T Switched Ethernet services within our 21-state footprint,” said Mike Lesher, executive director, Product Marketing Management, AT&T. “The tool’s capabilities are leaps and bounds ahead of the manual process the industry is currently accustomed to.”

Separately, AT&T confirmed that it is migrating network probe functions to the cloud with new service assurance software from RADCOM Ltd.

Specifically, AT&T will integrate the virtual probe (vProbe) functions into the network through ECOMP, its infrastructure delivery platform. AT&T will use RADCOM's MaveriQ software to deploy vProbes as virtual network functions running on the AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC). 

AT&T said that by virtualizing service assurance functions it can boost performance optimization and also help identify and isolate network issues to maximize customer experience.

 “Our shift to a software-based network began a few years ago when we saw the exponential growth in traffic on our wireless and broadband networks,” said Susan A. Johnson, senior vice president, AT&T Global Supply. “To keep up with that demand and scale our capacity, we needed to change our network to be more software-centric. Since we announced our 2020 virtualization goal, we surpassed our first major objective by virtualizing 5.7% in 2015. In 2016, we’re targeting 30%. Technologies like RADCOM’s MaveriQ software will help us accelerate to our goal." http://www.att.com


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