Monday, July 25, 2016

Singapore's StarHub Triple Upload Speed with Carrier Aggregation + 64 QAM

Singapore's StarHub completed a trial with Nokia that implmented carrier aggregation in the 1800MHz and 2600MHz bands and the 64 quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) technique to triple the upload speed over its LTE network.  The companies reported peak upload speeds of 150 Mbps.

StarHub plans to introduce the technology commercially in the Marina Bay and Orchard areas of Singapore in time for the city state's year-end celebrations, allowing customers with compatible devices to enjoy a smoother mobile data experience while sharing high definition videos and photos in real time. At such speeds which are three times faster than what most 4G networks offer today, a 200MB 4K resolution video can be uploaded to the Internet in as little as 11 seconds.

Mock Pak Lum, Chief Technology Officer, StarHub, said: "The ability to upload quickly is fast becoming a necessity for our mobile customers. In fact, we saw a close to 50% increase in upload traffic year-on-year, as customers increasingly share high definition videos and photos instantly with the world. Collaborating with technology partners such as Nokia, we are driving innovation in 4G for the benefit of our customers amid continued growth in mobile data use."

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