Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NETSCOUT Announces nGenius for Flows

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS announced its "nGenius for Flows" solution for extending its Adaptive Service Intelligence analysis to flow-based data sources

Specifically, nGenius for Flows, which is an integrated extension to nGeniusONE, adds NetFlow and other flow data to the core packet flow. The data sources all are converted to proprietary Adaptive Service Intelligence® (ASI) data for business assurance analytics.

“The digital transformation pace today requires enterprises to have real-time visibility into the health and dependencies of their key digital initiatives and into the infrastructure supporting them so that they can accelerate time to deployment and reduce risk to service continuity and quality,” explained Michael Szabados, chief operating officer at NETSCOUT. “With the introduction of nGenius for Flows, NETSCOUT offers the most extensive and most scalable service monitoring capability and enables the largest global enterprises and government agencies to deploy major new initiatives with confidence.