Thursday, July 7, 2016

Deutsche Telekom Recruits Bharti Airtel's Srini Gopalan

Deutsche Telekom has appointed Srini Gopalan as the new Board member for Europe. He will assume the duties of Claudia Nemat for the Europe segment, effective January 1st, 2017.

Gopalan is currently Consumer Director India at Bharti Airtel Limited, where he is responsible for consumer business in 23 different regions of India, which covered broadband connections and satellite TV in addition to mobile communications. He previously worked in the UK for over ten years – at first in a number of functions for Capital One, an American financial services provider, which he left as Managing Director UK in 2009. He then worked as Chief Marketing Officer at T-Mobile UK, where he was responsible for marketing and sales. He was part of the management team that led T-Mobile UK to the joint venture with Orange, everything-everywhere. After this, he served as Director Consumer Business Unit at Vodafone UK for three years.

Claudia Nemat will head the new Technology and Innovation Board department.

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