Monday, May 9, 2016

INOC Offers Outsourced NOC for Optical Networks

INOC, a start-up that offers a  24×7  Network  Operations  Center  (NOC) service for enterprises and carriers, is introducing a specialized monitoring practice for optical networks.

The company said this new, dedicated  NOC is  designed  to respond to the growing demand from enterprises and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to support increasingly complex optical transport networks which are not only increasing in capacity but introducing advanced capabilities built on SDN. The service will enhance INOC’s tools, processes and procedures to  provide  optical  network  support to  customers,  particularly  those  with  stringent  and  demanding  Service  Level Agreements (SLAs).

“Given the growth we are experiencing in our optical network business, along with increasingly complex customer requirements,  now  is  the  time  to  respond  with  more  specific  expertise,”  states  Brian  Parker,  Director  of  Optical Network  Services,  INOC.   “Our  new  dedicated  optical  NOC  is  among  the  first  of  its  kind  in  the  industry  and  we anticipate it will have a significant and positive impact.”

INOC’s  end-to-end  optical  network  services  and  solutions  include  needs  analysis,  planning  and  design,  vendor selection and equipment specification, as well as building, provisioning and ongoing 24×7.  The company's NOC is located in Madison, Wisconsin.