Thursday, May 19, 2016

Digicel Pacific Boosts O3b Satellite Capacity to Papua New Guinea

Digicel Pacific will upgrade its O3b satellite capacity to Papua New Guinea (PNG) by more than 300%, with smaller capacity upgrades in both Nauru and Samoa.

O3b Networks said the upgrade is a direct response to significant growth in internet usage throughout these countries due to Digicel’s upgraded and enhanced 3G/4G mobile network featuring the high-throughput, low latency O3b connection.

“This is an exciting time for O3b, Digicel and its customers in the Pacific,” said Steve Collar, CEO of O3b Networks. “The need for this upgrade shows how hungry consumers are for affordable and quality connectivity. It is not only a sign of healthy economic growth for the region, but also offers promise to other remote locations for similar economic advancement.”

“Digicel is looking to promote data usage over the next two years, so offering aggressive data plans, and having a high-performance connection to deliver on those plans, is absolutely essential,” said Michael Murphy, CEO of Digicel Pacific. “Existing customers in PNG who have not been using data are finding the new O3b-enabled data packages affordable, and usage has already seen a big jump.”

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