Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ZTE Appoints Chairman and CEO, Shakes Up Board

Mr. Zhao Xianming was elected as the Chairman of ZTE and Mr. Zhang Jianheng and Mr. Luan Jubao were elected as the Vice Chairmen. The company also announced the appointment of Mr. Zhu Wuxiang, Mr. Luan Jubao, Mr. Shi Lirong, Mr. Wang Yawen, Mr. Richard Xike Zhang, Mr. Lü Hongbing and Mr. Bingsheng Teng as members of the Board's Nomination Committee.

Mr. Zhao Xianming was also appointed the President of ZTE. Mr. Wei Zaisheng, Mr. Fan Qingfeng, Mr. Zeng Xuezhong Mr. Xu Huijun, Mr. Pang Shengqing, Mr. Zhang Zhenhui and Mr. Chen Jianzhou were appointed Executive Vice Presidents of the company. Mr. Wei Zaisheng was appointed Chief Financial Officer and Ms. Cao Wei was appointed Secretary to the Board of Directors.



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