Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Radisys Brings Enhanced Voice Services Codec to Mobile Operators

Radisys has added Ultra HD Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) audio codec support to its MediaEngine Media Resource Function (MRF).

By leveraging the new EVS codec, mobile operators can use less spectrum to deliver HD Audio or can deliver Ultra HD Audio using the same spectrum required for HD Audio. In addition, advanced error resilience built into EVS makes it ideal for VoLTE, delivering the same voice quality as AMR wideband while using less bandwidth – even in the face of up to 3x more packet loss.

The company confirmed that it has been working with a leading mobile operator in the deployment of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to roll out Ultra HD Audio to its subscriber base.

“At Radisys, we’re laser focused on helping mobile operators solve the tough challenges of next-gen networks, including how to solve the problem of scarce spectrum,” said Grant Henderson, vice president, MediaEngine and Corporate Marketing, Radisys. “By adding EVS codec support to our MediaEngine solution, we’ve provided mobile operators with an important tool to make their existing spectrum more efficient and to deliver an Ultra HD Audio experience.”


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