Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rackspace Offers Hosted OpenStack Private Clouds

Rackspace is now its fully-managed OpenStack services in any data center -- including private enterprise data center, a third party data centers of the customer's choosing, a Rackspace-supported third party colocation facility or a Rackspace data center.

Rackspace will fully manage the underlying OpenStack software and hardware, including all compute, network and storage. The company promises "Fanatical Support."

The company said this new approach enables customers to run OpenStack private clouds without the high cost, risk and operational burden of doing it themselves. And companies can free up money and resources by moving their IT infrastructure from a capital expense to an operating expense model.

“Companies realize they can free up money and resources for more strategic business investments when they turn their IT capital expenses into operating expenses,” said Darrin Hanson, GM and VP of OpenStack Private Cloud at Rackspace. “When OpenStack is consumed as a managed service, businesses can remove non-core operations, reduce software licensing, and minimize infrastructure acquisition and IT operations costs.”