Sunday, April 17, 2016

Micron Launches NVMe PCIe SSDs for Data Centers

Micron Technology announced a new portfolio of NVMe PCIe solid state drives (SSDs) aimed at scale-out data centers. The idea is to bring nonvolatile memory as close as possible to the processor.

Micron said it sees many customers toward server-based storage instead of SANs of frame-arrays because of the changing computing landscape.  Many hyperscale companies are using server-based storage for consistent, accelerated access to data.

The line-up includes:

  • Micron 9100 NVMe PCIe SSD  -- up to 10x faster compared to a single data center SATA SSD. Offers 3.2TB of storage in both a HHHL & a 2.5" U.2 form factor. The U.2 form factor of Micron's 9100 SSD allows front-bay access to the server, delivering a recognizable form, fit and function.
  • Micron 7100 NVMe PCIe SSD -- brings higher performance and lower TCO. Offers a slim 7mm U.2 (2.5") hot-pluggable form factor. It uses half as many watts as a standard high-performance NVMe drive but provides low latencies unachievable by SATA SSDs. 
  • Micron S600DC SAS SSDs -- greater capacity, better performance and higher endurance at a much more affordable price point compared to 15K HDDs. The S600DC SSD offers 4TB of storage in a 2.5" form factor - more than double the capacity 10K 2.5" HDDs and 4x the capacity of 15K HDDs. 
Micron also announced a set of purpose-built, scale-out accelerated solutions for open source and software-defined data centers. The first suite of Micron Accelerated Solutions are built with key enterprising software and hardware partners including VMware, Supermicro and Nexenta. Some highlights:

  • Micron Accelerated Solution for VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes -- Micron, Supermicro and VMware have partnered to design all-flash Ready Nodes that enable VMware vSphere administrators to future-proof their data center architecture using all-flash, delivering compelling all-flash performance. The companies claim up to 40X IOPs and bandwidth improvement compared to hybrid VMware Virtual SAN implementations that include traditional HDD. The Micron Accelerated Solution for VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes offer deduplication, compression and erasure coding. The VMware Virtual SAN All-Flash Ready Nodes can be purchased for as low as $0.44/GB (effective capacity) which includes the full MSRP of all server hardware, software and three-year support.
  • Micron Accelerated Ceph Storage Solution -- leveraging an open source object storage solution that runs on Linux software that hits 1M IOPS and reaches 140Gbps throughput. The all-flash Ceph storage solution allows customers to stand up a dynamic cloud infrastructure.
  • Micron Accelerated NexentaEdge Solution -- a full featured all-flash block and object storage based on NexentaEdge scale-out Software-Defined Storage. The Micron Accelerated NexentaEdge Solution will provide high performance native block, iSCSI block, Swift and S3 object services to OpenStack, VMware and Container based infrastructure. NexentaEdge provides unlimited instant snapshots and clones, as well as patented cluster-wide inline deduplication and compression.This collaboration is expected to result in a joint reference architecture and purchasable solution from Supermicro in the second half of 2016.


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