Thursday, April 28, 2016

AT&T Integrated Cloud Speaks OpenStack

AT&T took home the "OpenStack Superuser" award from this week's OpenStack Summit in Austin.  The award recognizes companies making their organizations competitive in the current software-defined economy through their contributions to OpenStack.

The AT&T Integrated Cloud is already the biggest OpenStack deployment in the world, according to the company, as it deployed a total of 74 AIC zones (data centers or network centers) in 2015.  The company intends to reach 105 AIC zones in 2016 and to be in hundreds of zones by 2020. This reflects the company's commitment to virtualize 75% of its network by 2020. OpenStack is at the core of the AIC solution and it is already leveraging ten OpenStack projects.  Three more will be added before the end of the year.

One of the innovations the company is working on is the OpenStack Resource Manager, or ORM. This lets AT&T manage AIC as one global cloud platform despite its highly distributed nature, said Sorabh Saxena, SVP, Software Deployment & Engineering, AT&T. The enables AT&T to quickly push out updates to all the AIC zones.

An archived video of AT&T's keynote at the OpenStack Summit is posted here:

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