Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Radisys Launches DCEngine Frame Inspired by Open Compute

Radisys launched its "DCEngine" - a 42 RU frame based on principles of the Open Compute Project (OCP) with enhancements for communication service providers.

Radisys said its DCEngine provides a disruptive cloud platform that goes well beyond software-defined networking to create a truly open, software-defined services delivery infrastructure that fully embraces open source hardware and software technologies and offers DevOps agility to service providers.

DCEngine highilghts:

  • A pre-installed, ready-to-deploy frame inspired by OCP as an open architecture for Radisys and third-party partners. 
  • Performance and scalability through a collection of easily deployed and serviced compute, storage and networking sleds. DCEngine offers up to 2.4 petabytes of storage and up to 152 Intel Xeon class processors in a standard 42 RU frame.
  • A flexible software and management framework enabling the most demanding service provider workloads. This framework is based on leading open source projects including the Open Network Operating System (ONOS) and Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) initiatives being led by On.LAB.
  • A design that meets next-generation central office and service provider data center specifications, including NEBS temperature, EMI and seismic requirements where required.
  • Professional services and cradle-to-grave lifecycle management of DCEngine hardware and fully validated and supported software stacks, including design, installation, configuration, deployment and ongoing maintenance and validation.
Radisys confirmed initial orders and shipment of DCEngine into one of the world’s largest mobile operators late in 2015 .

“Radisys’ 25-plus years of communication software DNA, coupled with our leadership in open telecommunication platforms, positions us as the ideal partner for communication service providers looking to evolve from existing central office architecture to the cloud,” said Brian Bronson, President and Chief Executive Officer at Radisys. “DCEngine’s seamless scalability and efficient lifecycle management, coupled with our proven track record of understanding and addressing the needs of the service provider, positions Radisys to be a leader in enabling the evolution of next-generation operator infrastructure.”

Separately, Radisys noted that it has joined the Open Compute Project as a silver member.

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