Thursday, February 18, 2016

Samsung Releases its IoT Development Platform

Samsung Electronics Co. released its "ARTIK" platform of essential IoT hardware and software components, along with an ecosystem of key industry partners. The platform is aimed at new enterprise, industrial and consumer applications.

ARTIK’s support for operating systems include Tizen, Nucleus Real Time OS and the open source Fedora Linux stack.

“I’m very proud of the SAMSUNG ARTIK team and the strong momentum they have achieved. In less than 8 months, we’ve gone from product launch to commercial availability, while building multiple modules, operating systems, embedded security, and a growing ecosystem of actively engaged partners,” said Dr. Byungse So, Executive Vice President and CTO, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center. “We believe in the power of open platforms and partner ecosystems, leveraging the wealth of expertise and experience available in the market to bring delightful experiences to our customers. We’re excited to see all the innovative projects that developers will come up with in the future.”

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