Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pluribus Networks Announces VCF Insight Analytics

Pluribus Networks introduced a new flow-based, client-server oriented business intelligence solution that can be deployed on any data center network – regardless of manufacturer – to provide the critical operational view of the data center network for deep insight into applications for performance monitoring, troubleshooting and enhancing the effectiveness of forensic analysis and security.
for the data center.

Pluribus VCF Insight Analytics application is available in two configurations:

  • A stand-alone application that can be deployed upon any server to take advantage of the Pluribus VCF data center network already in place.
  • A packaged offering with the high performance, high-fanout-port-density (up to 64x10GE) Pluribus F64 collector appliance, which can be used to realize flow-level monitoring within existing third-party network infrastructures.

Pluribus said its VCF Insight Analytics works in conjunction with existing VCF API interfaces available within all Pluribus Netvisor powered switches. VCF Insight Analytics uses these APIs to continuously extract the time-series metadata associated with every flow in progress throughout the entire fabric, and stores these in a data repository for future analysis. VCF Insight Analytics includes a real-time analytics engine and easy to use drill-down navigation scheme to allow any particular type of flow or individual event at any point in time to be located and/or studied.

“IT organizations have historically been hobbled by the lack of affordable network insight and associated metrics, and to date, traditional hardware-based monitoring solutions have been difficult to deploy and prohibitively expensive,” said Kumar Srikantan, CEO of Pluribus Networks. “As a result, we wanted to bring deep visibility at the application level to every network and make it available to every network manager. In short, VCF Insight Analytics provides instantaneous, intuitive and uncompromised understanding of the performance of your business as seen from the network layer itself.”