Monday, February 22, 2016

#MWC16: Intel Shows 5G Trial Platform

Intel unveiled a 5G Mobile Trial Platform for use in both wireless access points (infrastructure) and devices.  The portable system helps Intel and its partners better assess 5G technology and propagation challenges in actual usage scenarios.

Key components:

  • A baseband signal processor powered by Altera Arria 10 FPGAs, which enables quick updating of the 5G trial platform’s processing layers and the ability to flexibly track the development of 5G air interface technology
  • An advanced radio frequency unit supporting operation in sub-6 GHz, cm-wave and mm-wave spectrum bands, as well as two-stream or four-stream MIMO capability
  • A communications protocol stack based on the Intel Core i7 processor

Intel said these subsystems and the platform’s flexible design allow for:

  • Use in a variety of configurations and geo-zones, including operation identified bands and an extensible architecture for other bands
  • Massive data capacity through bandwidths ranging from 100-800 MHz
  • Support for beam-forming and phase-array operation at cm-wave and mm-wave frequencies
  • Support for wideband, multi-stream operation at sub-6 GHz frequencies
  • Multi-gigabit symmetric upload/download speeds for next-generation mobile applications
  • Data offload support via IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi and WiGig
  • Network design for ultra-low latency services and ultra-dense massive MIMO technology, as well as support for single and multi-board modes
  • Extension of existing LTE investments through support of LTE-5G dual connectivity