Monday, February 1, 2016

Ericsson Opens Innovation Center in Rosersberg, Sweden

Ericsson inaugurated a new Global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Center in Rosersberg, Sweden.

The 20,000 square meter facility supports engineering on virtual platforms with global test labs and IT hubs connected via a single virtual environment - supporting Ericsson to host 5G development under one roof.  Ericsson said the new Global ICT Center reflects its ongoing commitment to R&D investment both in Sweden and globally. The center also represents an important step in the company's ongoing ICT transformation journey.

The Global ICT Centers allow Ericsson to emulate an operator's mobile network and to test new solutions as if they were running on a live network. In the near future, Ericsson's customers will be able to connect remotely for interoperability testing, trials, early access and innovation on new offerings from any location. These services will be provided through ten Business-Near Centers, to be announced in 2016, which are connected to the Global ICT Centers.

Ericsson opened a Global ICT Center in Linköping, Sweden in September 2014, which was built adjacent to an existing Ericsson facility. In addition to the two facilities in Sweden, Ericsson will open a Global ICT Center in Montreal, Canada in the second quarter of 2016.

"Through today's inauguration of our second Global ICT Center, Ericsson's vision of a Networked Society moves closer. By streamlining R&D through our cloud-powered Global ICT Centers, we will enable new services and innovations that will create benefits for people, business and society. Our company's ICT transformation journey is accelerating, and the Global ICT Centers will support 24/7 collaboration and ensure we can leverage our global skills and scale to the full. At the same time, with an explosion in data traffic we can bring Ericsson's technology and services leadership to customers faster than ever before," stated Anders Lindblad, Head of Business Unit Cloud and IP, Ericsson.

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