Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fujitsu Releases Multi-Layer Virtuora NC 3.0 SDN for Carrier Networks

Fujitsu Network Communications announced the availability of Virtuora NC 3.0, an open-source-based suite of multi-layer, multi-vendor network automation and virtualization products for carrier SDN.

The company said its Virtuora NC 3.0 enables rapid service innovation via an open control environment with distinct separation of the controller, southbound and application layers.

“Service providers need networks that are architected for continuous improvement,” said Igor Bergman, Vice President and head of the Software Business Unit at Fujitsu Network Communications. “Virtuora NC is highly scalable and makes networks programmable, in turn helping providers reduce costs while increasing service velocity.”

Some key points:

  • The interfaces to the controlled network elements make up the ‘southbound’ layer. Those interfaces are abstracted via YANG models and XML, and support TL1, NETCONF, and other management protocols, as well as being architected for multivendor support.
  • Control, management, fulfillment, service assurance functions and northbound interfaces make up the ‘application’ layer of Virtuora NC. In keeping with the modular design of Virtuora, the applications are also self-contained and provide a set of external interfaces to support data collection, analytics, and available inventory.
  • Virtuora NC delivers on the openness of the ODL platform to support seamless integration of multiple layers with multi-vendor devices and third-party application development. All the data stores in the ODL database as well as other services of ODL can be accessed by any application via standardized REST-based APIs and standard data-modeling approaches. As a result, anyone capable of developing an application for ODL can develop and implement applications on Virtuora NC.
  • Virtuora NC supporting applications provide a rich ecosystem that offers multiple choices in service creation and operations efficiency: Dynamic Service Activation and Service Restoration; Path Computation based on routing constraints, such as available bandwidth, network faults, per-link and full path latency, and diversity; and Resource Discovery of all the topology elements, including nodes, links, and equipment.

Fujitsu's Open Source SDN Controller Demos Dynamic, Multilayer Service Activation

Fujitsu Network Communications has successfully demonstrated interoperability between its Open Source SDN Controller and the ONOS controller developed by ON.Lab.

Fujitsu, a founding ONOS partner, developed TL1 southbound interfaces from the ONOS-based SDN controller to the FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet Optical Networking Platform (P-ONP) to provide Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) services: On-demand bandwidth, bandwidth calendaring and multi-layer optimization.

In this video, Anuj Dutia, Head of Market Development at FNC, presents an overview of the Fujitsu Open Source SDN controller, including a demonstration of dynamic service activation across multiple network layers.

See 5 Minute video:

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