Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ericsson Launches User & IoT Data Analytics Solution

Ericsson has launched the User & IoT Data Analytics solution to help operators improve internal efficiency in managing data from subscribers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices while exploring new cross-vertical IoT applications. The goal is to help operators extract unique insights from user and connected device behaviors, as well as from network resource usage. The solution also allows controlled access to, and exposure of, data for consumers and industry applications.

The User & IoT Data Analytics solution consolidates user and IoT device data in a common database. It provides safe network access to any type of device, whether cellular or non-cellular-based, and enables operators to perform real-time data analytics based on a new embedded functionality in the subscriber data management system. The solution is based on the proven Ericsson User Data Consolidation (UDC) offering, including the Centralized User Database (CUDB) and the User Profile Gateway (UPG) components.

“The launch of the User & IoT Data Analytics solution is an important step in Ericsson’s commitment to the IoT – and toward realizing our vision of the Networked Society. Ericsson User Data Consolidation already manages subscriber data in the billions and with this new solution we will help operators to grow and monetize data assets for new services on the growing IoT market,” stated Jan H├Ąglund, Vice President and Head of Product Area Network Analytics & Control, Ericsson.

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