Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Arista Updates its Extensible OS for Hybrid Clouds and Containers

Arista Networks announced a major upgrade to its open and programmable Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System) based on three building blocks: Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud and Container Support.

Arista EOS, which features a state-driven, publish-subscribe-notify architecture built for cloud networking, now introduces NetDB, a network-wide state repository that increases network scalability, agent efficiency, and resilience.

Some highlights:

Infrastructure - NetDB expands the network roles for Arista’s spine platforms, enabling EOS to now support in excess of 1 million routes and 100,000 tunnels for increased cloud scale. NetDB also provides the ability to aggregate the network state of all EOS devices to a common point through the CloudVision platform and, from there, stream network-wide telemetry data to improve network operations visibility and historical analytics.

Hybrid Cloud - Arista EOS features support for workload migration between private and public workloads and CloudVision management for hybrid cloud solutions. By delivering appropriate EOS Tracer tools for cloud-bursting, enterprise customers can now seamlessly execute their hybrid cloud roadmap. This bridges the gap between private and public clouds.

Container Support - Arista EOS extends its virtualization support by adding both the ability to run Docker containers on EOS, as well as improved physical and virtual visibility with Container Tracer. Container support in EOS offers customers the flexibility to load container-based applications directly onto the Arista EOS platform. Complementing visibility tools for bare metal and hypervisor designs, Container Tracer delivers advanced monitoring capabilities for emerging container-based applications.

“The infrastructure underlying a network operating system is the foundation for delivering a flexible and resilient solution to customers. Arista EOS, originally built on a state-sharing database, has proven stable and scalable in the largest cloud networking environments. Today’s NetDB introduction represents our continued investment in Arista EOS, as it evolves to meet the changing needs of the cloud,” said Ken Duda, CTO and Senior Vice President of Software Engineering for Arista.




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