Friday, December 11, 2015

India Grants National Long Distance license to NTT Com

The government of India has granted a National Long Distance license to NTT Communications India Network Services, a newly established Indian subsidiary of the Japanese carrier.

NTT Com anticipates launching India domestic network services by the end of this month. The launch will include IP-VPN and other reliable, high-quality connectivity services to meet the growing demands of companies such as automobile dealers and retailers with distributed sites across India. Customers will be able to use multiple local carriers for carrier-redundant access, one of the many ways NTT Com aims to provide secure, cost-efficient networks backed by strong service-level agreements for the mission-critical systems of its enterprise customers.

NTT Com will combine its new network services with managed-hosting and cloud services currently offered by another NTT Com subsidiary, Netmagic Solutions, which owns nine data centers in India.

Sharad Sanghi, the managing director and CEO of Netmagic, stated: “NTT Com – Netmagic will now offer world-class ICT solutions comprising secure, high-quality private-network services, including IP-VPN connecting data centers and the cloud to customers’ domestic sales or production bases. Netmagic, which launched its largest data center in Mumbai recently, is committed to constantly upgrading its product roadmap for data centers & cloud offerings.”