Thursday, December 10, 2015

Huawei Outlines Vision for Application-driven Carrier Networks

Huawei outlined its vision for a carrier-grade Application-driven Network (ADN) network architecture.

The idea is to prioritize network applications and service demands in network design, unlike conventional approaches that focus on resource utilization and optimizing network operations.

The company said its ADN will support 5G network slicing and will bolster both near and long-term network evolution. ADNs will differ from existing NFV and SDN concepts, but will integrate NFV and SDN technologies that have not yet delivered any economic benefits into a comprehensive network architecture that focuses on user experience.

Speaking at IEEE Globecom 2015 in San Diego, Huawei Fellow Dr. Wen Tong said: "Our innovative ADN architecture vision puts applications at the network's core to deliver significant efficiency gains for network applications. Unlike traditional network architectures, ADNs will support application abstraction, network reorganization, global and local coordination of network resources, and application decoupling by service layering. With these advantages, ADN is poised to meet a variety of future application demands, for example, in 5G networks."

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