Monday, November 2, 2015

Rackspace Launches Carina Container Cluster Service

Rackspace introduced a native container cluster service called Carina.

Carina focuses on portability and ease-of-use for deploying a cluster of containerized applications. It leverages bare-metal performance, Docker Engine, native container tooling and Docker Swarm for orchestration.

Rackspace said one of the advantages of Carina is that it uses the native Docker API and tooling.  Containers sit on top of the server, which helps eliminate hypervisor overhead, allowing faster application performance. The idea is to get customers to a “zero infrastructure” container environment, where Rackspace manages the infrastructure and Docker environment for customers.

“At Rackspace, our mission is to give customers industry-leading service and expertise on the world’s leading technologies. Carina extends this mission as part of our strategy to support OpenStack’s position as a leading choice for enterprise clouds,” said Scott Crenshaw, SVP, strategy and product at Rackspace. “Carina design makes containers fast, simple and accessible to developers using native container interfaces, while leveraging the infrastructure capabilities of OpenStack.”

“The Carina beta from Rackspace makes it fast and simple to start a Docker Swarm cluster. They have put the Docker experience front and center without any abstraction,” said Nick Stinemates, VP business development of Docker, Inc.  “You can get started in under a minute and pull images into a cluster straight from Docker Hub, or leverage existing Docker tools and plugins that natively “just work.” This is exciting as it builds on and partners with our existing community and ecosystem. The focus on container developer experience is paramount and they’re showing a commitment to it.”


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