Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Infinera and Arista Validate Performance of Low-Latency, High Bandwidth DCI

An independent test report has found the Infinera-Arista joint data center interconnect (DCI) solution capable of operating at 100 GbE line-rate throughput with zero loss for any mix of traffic.

The Lippis Report, which provides independent testing of datacenter and enterprise networking solutions, issued the performance test report on the end-to-end DCI solution using Infinera’s Cloud Xpress optical DCI transport platform and Arista’s 7280 programmable switching platform.

Additional highlights of the Lippis test results include:

  • End-to-end latency under 20 microseconds (μs) between servers in different datacenters
  • Up to 500 gigabit per second (Gb/s) dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM)
  • bandwidth on one fiber pair with a single two rack unit (RU) Cloud Xpress
  • Ability to extend over 150 kilometers (km) without any external amplification
  • Low power consumption – less than one watt per Gb/s for the Cloud Xpress
  • Ease of installation and operation, optimized for datacenter environments

“The Infinera-Arista end-to-end DCI solution is especially attractive for latency-sensitive applications, and can also be a great fit for a range of DCI use cases, such as business continuity, workload migration, data replication and big data analytics,” said Nick Lippis, principal and publisher of The Lippis Report. “The Infinera Cloud Xpress offers a small form factor and ease of use not previously available for DCI. I believe it will find a welcome reception in large enterprises who need to interconnect their datacenters with high bandwidth, low latency and low power.”

“We are thrilled to showcase this joint DCI solution with Arista and pleased to have the Lippis Report independently confirm the solution’s end-to-end performance under real-world conditions,” said Stu Elby, senior vice president, Cloud Network Strategy and Technology at Infinera. “For almost a year the Cloud Xpress has been proven in demanding customer environments, including hyperscale Internet content providers, Internet Exchange service providers and select enterprises. We are confident that Cloud Xpress is a great fit for a wider range of enterprise customers, from financial services to media and entertainment, and healthcare.”

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