Friday, November 13, 2015

Huawei Develops Lithium-Ion Quick Charge

 Huawei Technology has developed a new quick charging capability for lithium-ion batteries.

The company said its new tech enables new batteries to achieve a charging speed 10 times faster than that of normal batteries, reaching about 50% capacity in mere minutes.

In a demo, Huawei showed how one battery with a 600 mAh capacity can be charged to 68% capacity in two minutes.  Another demo shows a 3000 mAh capacity and an energy density above 620 Wh/L, which can be charged to 48% capacity in five minutes to allow ten hours of phone call on Huawei mobile phones. These quick charging batteries underwent many rounds of testing, and have been certified by Huawei's terminal test department.

According to Huawei, the company bonded heteroatoms to the molecule of graphite in anode, which could be a catalyst for the capture and transmission of lithium through carbon bonds. Huawei stated that the heteroatoms increase the charging speed of batteries without decreasing energy density or battery life.

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