Monday, November 9, 2015

Fujitsu Extends FLASHWAVE 9500 with High-Density 100G Capabilities

Fujitsu announced high-density, 100G units for its FLASHWAVE 9500 platform and new demarcation and aggregator units for its FLASHWAVE CDS. These new units can be combined with FLASHWAVE 9500 OTN switching, if desired, to provide a comprehensive solution that will make it more simple and efficient to deploy 100G services throughout customer networks.

The new slim 100G muxponder and transponder units for FLASHWAVE 9500 establish an industry-best 7.2 Tbps density for a standard rack. With reduced size, lower power consumption and higher performance, the new units support an all-coherent network architecture and are backward compatible with existing 100G units. Enhanced 100G service delivery and assurance are enabled by combining the next-generation CDC-F ROADM capabilities of the FLASHWAVE 9500 with the automated network management of an SDN controller.

The FLASHWAVE CDS will introduce 40G/100G OTN demarcation and OTU4 aggregator units that extend 100G capacity to the network edge. The demarcation unit increases network capacity to 100G, providing fiber relief and a direct 100G OTU4 connection to the FLASHWAVE 9500 ROADM. The aggregator unit easily upgrades existing equipment to 100G and provides OTN ring protection. An optional self-healing configuration for high-reliability applications also is available. Compared to MSA transponders, both 100G pluggable units deliver flexibility with reach plus substantial cost advantages and power savings.

Another platform, optimized for customer premise demarcation, is a compact version of the existing 2RU FLASHWAVE CDS. The new 1RU, AC-powered shelf houses a single interface card and supports all FLASHWAVE CDS OTN units.

Fujitsu also announced that the next release of its VIRTUORA software platform will enable superior programmability of the network via its SDN controller. Dynamic service activation and restoration is available for both WDM and OTN technologies on the FLASHWAVE 9500 and CDS platforms. This SDN application is driven by a powerful path computation engine that enables service providers to provision and restore services on demand. The creation of a fully programmable network at the OTN layer will enable large operational savings, the elimination of manual operations and faster time to market and revenue.

“For the last year, we’ve been talking about our next-generation ROADM capability, and it really comes to fruition with this upgrade to the FLASHWAVE 9500,” said Steve Pelosi, head of the optical business unit at Fujitsu Network Communications. “Combined with our new high-density 100G units and programmatic control of OTN and optical services, we can provide our customers with a simple, scalable, open solution.”