Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Coriant's Pluggables Disaggregate Optical Layer Functions

Coriant unveiled its Pluggable Optical Layer approach to disaggregating key components needed for high-speed metro optical networks.

Coriant's Pluggable Optical Layer disaggregates the full suite of optical layer components into compact pluggables, including amplifiers, variable optical attenuators, power monitoring, combiners, splitters, WSSs, etc. The company said that by providing the ability to mix and match different functional components, the Pluggable Optical Layer enables operators to customize metro optical network deployments (e.g., fixed DWDM, CWDM, and ROADM) without the need to pay for unwanted or unneeded functionality.

Coriant's vision is to enable new functionality by adding or swapping additional components, while preserving investment in those components that do not need to change. The solution is initially supported on the industry-leading Coriant 7100 Packet Optical Transport Platform, which includes the 7100 Pico and 7100 Nano.

“In today’s dynamic and competitive market for metro services, operators do not want to choose between low cost and flexibility when it comes to building or extending metro optical networks,” said Brian Nagle, Director of Product Line Management, Coriant. “By introducing the first fully pluggable optical layer, they do not have to make this choice and can implement a cost-effective solution today that can easily adapt to meet future service requirements.”