Thursday, November 19, 2015

AT&T Aims for Carbon Savings 10X the Footprint Of Operations By 2025

AT&T has set a goal to enable carbon savings 10 times the footprint of its operations by 2025.

The gains will achieved by enhancing the efficiency of its network and delivering low-carbon customer solutions.

To be achieved by 2025, additional goals focus on the communities in which AT&T operates and the company's supply chain:

  • AT&T will invest resources, develop initiatives and collaborate with stakeholders to close the skills gap, by increasing the number of Americans with high-quality, post-secondary degrees or credentials to 60 percent.
  • AT&T will work with its industry peers to develop and promote adoption of sustainability metrics that will transform the environmental and social impact of technology supply chains.

"Connect to Good represents our company's vision of using the power of our network to build a better tomorrow," said Charlene Lake, senior vice president – corporate social responsibility and chief sustainability officer, AT&T. "Our technology will guide us as we work with our employees, customers, suppliers and communities to fulfill our goals."

These long-term goals require checkpoints along the way. AT&T has built a roadmap to 2025 that includes 2020 goals to meet on the way to achieving the 2025 goals, in addition to specific targets to reach throughout the years to demonstrate transparency in reaching the goals.