Thursday, November 19, 2015

Arista Adds 6-port 100G DWDM Line Card for DCI

Arista Networks announced new capabilities that extend its spine networking platforms to include data center interconnect use cases. These capabilities include:

Spine Transit: A long haul Coherent DWDM, 6-port 100G line card with integrated MACsec encryption for the Arista 7500E Spine switches.
Spine Interconnect: Production-ready, standards-based VXLAN solutions for Layer 2 service extension between sites.
Spine Peering: An Arista EOS approach for supporting full Internet routes in cost-effective merchant silicon spine platforms.

Box, an enterprise content management and collaboration platform, is using the Arista 7500E Coherent DWDM solution to help support the increase in bandwidth demand between data center sites as it grows and expands.