Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ALU Joins the ONOS Project

Alcatel-Lucent has joined the ONOS project, the Open source SDN Network Operating System (ONOS) for service providers and mission critical networks and a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

ONOS is a carrier-grade SDN network operating system architected to provide high availability, scalability, performance, and rich northbound and southbound abstractions. Alcatel-Lucent will join leading service providers, vendors, collaborators and individual contributors to accelerate SDN/NFV adoption and drive open innovation.

"Open source object models are becoming the new baseline for multi-vendor interoperability. ONOS provides a carrier-centric forum where these models can be defined and implemented at an accelerated pace to stay ahead of the monumental shift towards SDN and virtualization," said Steve Vogelsang, CTO for Alcatel-Lucent's IP Routing and Transport business. "By committing engineering resources and becoming an active participant of ONOS, we will be in a much better position to contribute our carrier SDN knowledge and experience to open source initiatives, and will benefit from collaboration across the broader network vendor and service provider communities."