Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Level 3 Offers a Cellular Backup Option for Branch Offices

Level 3 Communications introduced a Secure Access Cellular Service that uses both cellular and security technologies to provide a redundant and scalable option for Internet connectivity in the event that the primary fiber connection to a remote or branch location is lost.

Level 3 Secure Access Cellular uses multi-vendor cellular connectivity to provide customers a back-up network connection. If a disruption occurs, the solution is designed to switch from a dedicated Level 3 MPLS/IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to cellular backup connectivity through a LTE network. This cellular backup, the Secure Access Site product tunnel (IPsec), runs over a cellular 3G or 4G network instead of a broadband or DSL connection. Level 3 manages the connection with mainstream cellular providers.

Level 3 Secure Access Cellular is now available in North America and will be available winter 2015 in Europe and spring 2016 in Latin America.

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