Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Layer123: BTI Debuts Virtual Network Edge for its Packet/Optical

BTI Systems introduced a virtual network edge solution for its metro packet/optical portfolio.

The BTI 7800 Virtual Network Edge, which enables next-generation broadband services delivery, leverages the high density and massively scalable, SDN-enabled BTI 7800 Series metro packet-optical platform. BTI said it is pursuing a unique architectural approach by integrating virtualization software in an open and converged network infrastructure platform that has been purpose-built for the metro cloud. BTI integrates optical transport and wire-speed routing with applications software in an open system that supports rapid development using third-party commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) compute blades and open carrier-grade Linux OS.

Key features of the BTI 7800 Virtual Network Edge solution:

  • A high-performance packet-optical transport platform integrated with a NFV applications plane, and sharing a common non-blocking switch fabric, power, cooling and management for efficiencies and cost savings;
  • Scalable performance and economics by leveraging best-of-breed merchant silicon and horizontally-scalable COTS compute in a multi-slot chassis design;
  • Increased service velocity and innovation with open management interfaces (NETCONF/YANG, RESTful APIs and OpenFlow), an open NFV plane (COTS compute, X.86 processor, carrier-grade Linux OS) and open standard SDN control (OpenDaylight today);
  • Flexible hosting of BTI or third-party Virtual Network Functions for services innovation and differentiation; 
  • Central-Office ready architecture with full redundancy, NEBS3, DC (and AC) power and minimal cabling;
  • Fast service deployment backed by an agile, responsive and experienced professional services organization.

BTI is showcasing the Virtual Network Edge solution at this week's Layer123 SDN & OpenFlow World Congress in a Proof-of-Concept demo with Active Broadband Network’s Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG).  The companies will feature the hosting of Active Broadband Network’s Software-Defined Virtual Network Gateway (SDN-vNG) software on the BTI 7800 Series.  Additionally, the demonstration will show the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) capabilities integrated in the BTI 7800 Series platform, being controlled and managed from an OpenDaylight SDN controller.

“Service providers are transforming their rigid, proprietary and fixed-function networks to open, virtualized and web-scalable infrastructures that enable much faster response to the historic pace of change in today’s competitive environments,” said BTI Systems Chief Technology Officer Robert Keys. “This transformation to a new architecture is happening at the network edge, and requires the use of virtualized network functionality to aggregate subscriber access traffic, including DSL, PON and Ethernet services, in a more efficient, on-demand and cost effective manner.