Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Intel Security Aligns Strategy to End-points and Cloud

Intel Security is revamping its corporate strategy to focus on the endpoint and the cloud as the most effective areas for advanced visibility and practical operational control. The company seeks to deliver a simplified user experience powered by centralized management and a connected architecture across Intel and third-party products.

“The rising volume and complexity of attacks present a vicious cycle of challenges for organizations and makes speed and efficiency critical,” said Chris Young, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel Security Group. “With a rapidly expanding attack surface, and a shortage of relevant talent and expertise, defenders need to win on visibility into events, simplified management, and capabilities that empower teams to close the loop on attacks in progress – faster, more effectively, and with fewer resources.”

The new strategy brings several new solutions:

  • McAfee Endpoint Security 10.X -- delivers a new streamlined and agile endpoint services platform, enabling protection for devices with faster scanning and deployment. 
  • McAfee Active Response -- a new endpoint threat detection and response solution, supplies on-demand and continuous visibility into an array of endpoint activities with powerful, automated tools to respond to and monitor threat events. The solutions can be used and managed together using Intel Security’s broadly adopted centralized management platform for a high-speed, high-accuracy, closed-loop approach to the threat defense lifecycle. 
  • Intel Security also now supports the Structured Threat Integration Expression (STIX) and Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information (TAXII) standards designed to enhance detection of threats through sharing of threat intelligence.