Monday, October 26, 2015

Cisco Builds its Silicon Valley Start-up Incubator

Five new Silicon Valley start-ups have joined the roster at the Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence incubation program. These are:

  • C3DNA ( delivers self-reliance and portability of any application on any cloud infrastructure at the app layer.
  • LISNR ( provides a new communication protocol that uses SmartTones, an inaudible technology that has the ability to connect mobile applications and devices.
  • Simularity ( applies real-time artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, enabling incident prediction, preventative maintenance and anomaly detection.
  • Tagnos ( enhances the patient experience and hospital efficiency with real-time smart location solutions powered by the Internet of Things.
  • Zoomdata ( develops a visual analytics solution for Big Data that empowers business users to easily consume and interact with disparate data sources in real time.
Since the program’s launch in 2014, Cisco EIR has incubated and collaborated with 17 startups in Silicon Valley and Vienna, Austria.