Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Verizon Brings Private Traffic Mgt to LTE

Verizon introduced a Private Network Traffic Management solution that works with its LTE network to give enterprises better performance and the ability to enable prioritization among mobile applications.

The subscription-based service, which is available only to Verizon Private Network customers, can be added to select Verizon Private Network 4G LTE devices for a monthly fee per user, based on the service level option selected. The service levels that can be assigned to applications, include:

  • Premium & Enhanced: Available to all Verizon Private Network customers, the Premium and Enhanced service level options allow customers to allocate portions of their 4G LTE connection, in correlation with the selected subscription, for sending mission critical applications.
  • Public Safety: Data applications traversing this top-tier service level exclusively available to Public Safety customers who subscribe to the Verizon Private Network, including Emergency Services or other first responders, will receive the highest transmission priority to enable critical communications to reach their destination quickly.

“The surge in enterprise mobility and IoT adoption by organizations has created a demand for powerful networking solutions that are the growth engine for successful initiatives,” said Shawn Hakl, vice president of enterprise networking and innovation with Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

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