Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Telecom Italia Implements Microwave Packet Radio Links to Sicilian Islands

TIM has implemented new microwave links between the Sicilian islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa using Alcatel-Lucent’s 9500 Microwave Packet Radio platform.

Specifically, Alcatel-Lucent has deployed a 147km-long high capacity (800 Mbps), high-availability radio link – supporting a mix of IP and legacy traffic - from Lampedusa to Pantelleria using its 9500 Microwave Packet Radio. The link

Benedetto Di Salvo, Telecom Italia Key Account Director at Alcatel-Lucent, said: “Microwave technology can be deployed to overcome the connectivity challenges in the most complex environments. With a mix of access, backhaul and transport technology we can ensure high-quality ultra-broadband connectivity for all.”


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