Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nokia Sees 5G Delivering 1 Gbps Home Broadband by 2017

Nokia Networks believes home broadband will be successful use case for 5G in areas with millions of homes near to fiber but without last hop connectivity via fiber to the home.

Nokia's solution bridges from the existing fiber network using high throughput 5G-ready hotspots placed, for example, on adjacent lamp posts to cover the last hop. Nokia Networks will start trialling a solution in 2016 that ensures at least 1 Gbps throughput for every home. The company is targeting commercial availability in 2017.

In April, 2015, at the Brooklyn Summit, Nokia Networks together with National Instruments demonstrated 10 Gbps speeds over the air with massive MIMO and beamsteering technologies, paving the way for meeting 5G requirements. It is a concrete proof point of our capability to deliver on the promise of a true 1 Gbps last hop connection to the home in the timeline outlined here today.

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