Thursday, September 3, 2015

IBM Expands IoT Partnership with AMD

IBM is expanding its Internet of Things (IoT) platform – called IBM IoT Foundation - through an integration with ARM.

IBM will provide out of the box connectivity with ARM mbed-enabled devices to analytics services via fully managed, cloud-hosted offerings on the SoftLayer Infrastructure. Specifically, the integration between IBM and ARM will allow products powered by ARM mbed-enabled chips to automatically register with the IBM IoT Foundation, and connect with IBM analytics services.

IBM also announced the first in a series of IBM Cloud-based, industry-specific IoT services with IoT for Electronics. The service will enable electronics manufacturers to gather data from individual sensors that can be combined with other data for real-time analysis.

“Deploying IoT technology has to be easy, secure and scalable for it to feel like a natural extension of a company’s business,” said Krisztian Flautner, General Manager, IoT Business, ARM. “By collaborating with IBM, we will deliver the first unified chip-to-cloud, enterprise-class IoT platform. This will empower companies of any size with a productivity tool that can readily transform how they operate, and the services they can offer.”