Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Emirates Data Clearing House Launches Mobile-WiFi Roaming Hub

Emirates Data Clearing House ( EDCH ), the region's largest mobile services Data Clearing House provider, has launched the region's first WRiX-capable (Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange) Wi-Fi Hub for International Wi-Fi roaming and domestic mobile data offload services.

The EDCH Wi-Fi Hub, which is based on Accuris Networks' AccuROAM Platform, addresses key issues faced by service providers in delivering Wi-Fi roaming services, such as the time-intensive process of identifying Wi-Fi providers, negotiation of terms, and implementation of Wi-Fi services.

Accuris Networks said its solution provides a GSM-architecture-based Wi-Fi service with seamless SIM-based authentication and support for largest range of user equipment.

"EDCH is the regional leader in providing innovative cloud-based solutions for more than 50 carriers. This partnership is strategic to Accuris Networks towards delivering regional Wi-Fi service using our globally proven solution architecture and carrier-grade service characteristics", said Jeff Brown, CEO of Accuris Networks. "In using the AccuROAM Platform, EDCH extends our growing number of service providers taking advantage of a worldwide operator-based Wi-Fi roaming network."