Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Console Unveils its Cloud Direct Connect Platform

Console, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California, introduced its platform for directly connecting enterprise networks to other networks or cloud services while bypassing the public Internet.

The Console software and interconnection platform provides a one-click, Layer 2 & 3 provisioning process to networks in its directory using Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs).  Enterprise customers would not need to know the ASN because Console's provisioning process takes care of that as well as the BGP routing between domains. Users simply click on the service or network they wish to connect to, Console auto-provisions the ASN and sets up the connection.

The company announced a number of strategic partners and customers, including Microsoft Azure, Zayo Group, SummitIG, Hurricane Electric, velocloud, and numerous data center operators. The company says its approach results in improved security, faster speeds, and lower latency compared with connecting over the public Internet.

“Historically, security, performance and complexity concerns have always been barriers to enterprise cloud deployment. By enabling direct interconnection with Azure, the Console platform expels this notion, allowing our users to securely and directly connect to Azure with a click of a button,” says Al Burgio, CEO of Console Inc. “Our revolutionary Console platform, combined with Microsoft’s powerful cloud offerings, enable enterprises to realize the tangible business benefits of the cloud faster and easier than ever before.”

“Our collaboration with Console will expand the number of enterprises able to directly access Microsoft Azure through Azure ExpressRoute,” says Ross Ortega, Principal Product Manager, Networking, Microsoft Azure. “With Console’s direct connections customers can quickly provision and access Microsoft cloud services with better predictability, privacy, and performance.”

“Hurricane Electric is excited to join both the Console platform and Data Center Partner Program. The Console platform provides customers the opportunity to simplify the way they directly connect to SaaS and cloud providers, including our leading global IPv6 backbone,” states Mike Leber, President of Hurricane Electric.