Thursday, August 13, 2015

Switch Opens 470,000 Square Foot SUPERNAP LAS VEGAS 9

A robot cut the ribbon to inaugurate a new 470,000-square-foot, SUPERNAP LAS VEGAS 9 colocation data center.

The data center, which is owned and operated by Switch, has already been awarded its Tier IV Design Certificate by the Uptime Institute.  Switch expects the new data center will also be awarded a Tier IV Constructed Facility Certificate and Tier IV Gold Operational Sustainability Certificate.

SUPERNAP LAS VEGAS 9 will support up to 50 MVA of power and will bring Switch’s total square footage past 1.5 million in Las Vegas.

“Switch was started with the idea that data centers needed to not only be able to handle the scale of the Internet but do so in the most efficient manner possible,” said Rob Roy, who invented the Wattage Density Modular Design (WDMD) system in 2005. “We want to power the next evolution of the Internet sustainably and with respect for our natural resources."

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