Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Radian Emerges from Stealth with Optimization for Data Center SSDs

Radian Memory Systems, a start-up based in Calabasas, California, unveiled its "Symphonic" software for optimizing flash storage in data centers.

The company said its technology utilizes conventional SSD hardware to deliver 80% improvements in I/O performance and 10x improvements in critical latency metrics, while at the same time significantly reducing hardware acquisition costs and extending usable product life. The idea is to abstract lower level Flash attributes while enabling the host system software to perform what the company calls Cooperative Flash Management (CFM). Radian’s Symphonic technology is a combination of SSD firmware, host libraries, and an API that replace the Flash‐Translation‐Layer (FTL) traditionally found on SSDs.

Along with the Symphonic software technology, Radian Memory Systems is introducing a line of purpose‐built SSDs for the data center. Beginning with the RMS‐250, a 2.5” NVMe 2TB SSD, each Radian SSD includes the Symphonic firmware and respective host‐based libraries to enable Cooperative Flash Management.

“The biggest barriers to extending Flash penetration in data centers are cost, unpredictable latency spikes, and wear out. At Radian we took a unique approach that addresses each of these challenges at the system level, where applications and data centers can realize the advantages,” said Mike Jadon, Radian’s CEO and co‐founder.