Monday, August 10, 2015

PMC Debuts Fastest SSD Contrillers and PCIe Switches

PMC-Sierra introduced the industry’s first PCI Express (PCIe) storage switches and the world’s fastest solid-state drive (SSD) controllers.

The company says its new, second-generation Flashtec NVMe Controllers will power new SSD capable of one million IOPS and greater than 20TB of flash capacity. They are the industry’s first SSD controllers to integrate DDR4 DRAM.

PMC's new Switchtec PSX storage switches enable PCIe flash drives to scale in high-performance storage systems, with enterprise-class resiliency and the industry’s lowest power. PMC says systems built with Switchtec PSX consume up to 60 percent less power than those using other PCIe switches, enabling a savings of nearly 1000 Watts per rack. Systems also require 75 percent fewer devices than other switches in a typical flash array, allowing system designers to increase flash density, lower bill of materials costs, and improve the mean time before failure for higher reliability. The Switchtec PSX family comprises switches from 24 lanes to 96 lanes.

“While working with the industry to enable the first NVMe SSDs, it became clear there was no reliable way to connect and scale many of them in a single enclosure, much like SAS does today,” said Derek Dicker, vice president of the Performance Solutions Group at PMC. “In partnership with the industry’s most forward-thinking hyperscale and all-flash array customers, PMC created a new PCIe storage switch category with our Switchtec products to deliver the high port count, low power, resilient storage features that the industry needs.”