Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kaminario's K2 All-flash Array Goes Under $1/GB with 3D TLC

Kaminario unveiled its K2 v5.5 all-flash primary storage array, bringing the average cost/GB usable to less than $1/GB and introducing 3D TLC drives.

Building on its earlier K2 all-flash array, the new system also includes native array-based replication and the company’s Perpetual Array program, enabling customers to seamlessly phase in new hardware and phase out old to deliver on the evolving needs of enterprise storage.

Kaminario's average price of under $1/GB usable represents a reduction of 50% in the cost/GB from its v5 system introduced in May 2014.

The company said it is also the first vendor to offer 3D MLC NAND, allowing enterprises to double effective capacity to more than 360TB per K-block and scale one K2 array to multiple petabytes in a single rack unit while providing consistent performance. Customers can expect higher data endurance and increased scalability, and therefore the ability to move all active data to all-flash arrays.

“In developing our transformative v5.5 all-flash array, we listened to our customers and kept a close eye on the market trends driving the evolution of the modern data center now and will through the next decade,” said Dani Golan, CEO of Kaminario. “The result is our best K2 yet; a truly dynamic and scalable storage system that allows any business to quickly, and extremely cost efficiently, expand its data center. Our new K2 makes all-flash storage lower cost than hybrid arrays.”

See video:  Kaminario Launches K2 V5.5 -