Sunday, July 5, 2015

The New Hewlett Packard Enterprise - $55 Billion in Annual Revenue

In an SEC filing last week, HP provided financial details on one of the two companies that will result from its upcoming split.

The mission statement for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company is to "provide the cutting-edge technology solutions customers need to optimize their traditional IT while helping them build the secure, cloud-enabled, mobile-ready future that is uniquely suited to their needs."  It will include the current parent company's Enterprise Group, Enterprise Services, Software and Financial Services businesses. Its portfolio will include  servers, storage, wired and wireless networking, converged systems, software and services, and customized financing solutions.

The company said its competitive differentiator is its "broad and deep" end-to-end solutions portfolio and IT expertise. It also possesses a global distribution and partner ecosystem, along with a multi-year innovation roadmap.

The extensive filing provides in-depth financial data on the soon to be independent company, along with the long and required list of risks and uncertainties.